• Surge Strike Class
  • Pound Fitness Class
    One won't know that exercising can be this fun unless you tried Pound Fitness which involves exercises to strengthen your outer and inner thighs, buttocks,core muscles, and back muscles. Dance to the beat of your own drum. Enjoy it and get fit one pound at a time.
  • Zumba Class
    Life is better when you dance as they say. It's one of the most fun and best-fat burning work-out classes out there and at Surge Fitness, you can always give that calories one last dance!
  • Spinning Class
    Need that driving force to push you when you're not feeling extra? You're in for a treat! Step up to take on challenges, reach your fitness goal while having fun with Surge Fitness Gym's spinning classes!
  • Yoga Class
    Improve your breathing, strength,conditioning, fitness, and lower stress through Yoga sessions at Surge Fitness Gym. It also helps correct postures and alleviate pain. Class sizes are intimate, providing more scope for one-on-one attention with certified Yoga instructors.
  • Surge Core Class
    Build up a rock solid core and improve your balance through core strengthening workouts. Signature class 'Core' is designed to activate core muscles group and endurance while improving your posture through variety of superb exercises from Surge Fitness.
  • Surge Circuit Class
    Surge Circuit is designed to burn excess body fat, develop lean muscle tissue and improve cardiovascular and muscular endurance. It conditions your body and train resistance through completion of high-intensity exercises as prescribed in the program.
  • Surge Bodyweight Class
    All exercises that you do with your own bodyweight is great. Surge Bodyweight Training is the perfect combination of heart-healthy cardio plus muscle-building resistance training. It involves endurance training, high reps and military.
  • Surge Performance
    Surge Performance is a class designed that involves the best moves you should be doing. Unleash your inner athlete through Surge Performance that involves best of agility drills, plyometric training and explosive workouts.