Surge Junior

Surge Junior

Surge Jr. is a paid, online Focused Group Training with kids aged 6-12. It is similar to the current Live Yoga and Dance classes online for adults, with an additional Sport Skills class. It is a one-month program consisting of three Live GX classes scheduled weekly.


Week 1

Aug 3 Mon – Dance Kids

Aug 5 Wed – Sport Skills

Aug 7 Fri – Yoga Kids

Week 2

Aug 10 Mon – Dance Kids

Aug 12 Wed – Sport Skills

Aug 14 Fri – Yoga Kids

Week 3

Aug 17 Mon – Dance Kids

Aug 19 Wed – Sport Skills

Aug 21 Fri – Yoga Kids

Week 4

Aug 24 Mon – Dance Kids

Aug 26 Wed – Sport Skills

Aug 28 Fri – Yoga Kids 

➢ Dance and Yoga Kids will be taught by certified dance and yoga instructors, respectively.

➢ Sport Skills will be taught by Surge Fitness Gym coaches. It is a Focused Group Training where participants will be limited to a maximum of 5 kids per class, in order to allow the coach to check the form of participants.

Sport Skills Class Description:

Sport Skills is a 1-hour class consisting of 15 min of rapport building through checking of the kids’ fitness journals, and 45 min of warmup and training. Rapport building. Dedicate the first 15 min of class to getting to know your students by asking open-ended questions, checking their physical activity log sheet in their Surge Jr. Fitness Journal, and setting training rules or goals for the day.

Warm-up and Training Session

This should include the health-related components of fitness that are appropriate for kids, namely: cardiovascular and muscular endurance, strength, mobility and flexibility, and core stability. Age-appropriate fitness games are encouraged in order to set a fun training environment.

When the coach deems that the kids have built the proper foundation for athletic skills through improved mobility, strength, and endurance, the coach can move on to teaching basic athletic skills, such as: speed, power, agility, coordination, jumping and landing safely, etc.

Each coach is encouraged to choose his/her own consistent weekly schedule with the same group of students in order to monitor the kids’ progress and maintain effective coach-client relationships.

Program Inclusions

1 month Focused Group Training (Dance, Yoga, Sport Skills)

Surge Jr. Fitness Journal

Color Pens

Agility Hurdles


Pricing: 12 Sessions (Valid for 1 month) – P6500

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